Basic stair building

Here you can find the information of the stairs parts, basic dimensions and parameters, stairs types, stairs models, drafting and computational methods for stairs, as well as staircase building regulations.


Stair parts

   This section describes the basic names of stairs parts and terms you should know to build a staircase. With these terms you will better orient yourself when reading the following pages...more


How to build stairs

  Stair Angle. Perhaps, you have sometimes noticed that it is convenient for you to go up some staircases, and you do not apply much force to go up, and going up other staircases be...more


Stairs types

In this article let's discuss the existing types of staircases. The form of the staircase in plan determines its type. According to their form the staircases can be with straight flights, with ...more


Stairs models

In Stairs Types we have discussed the existing types of stairs. And as we already know, the type of stairs determines their overall view and position in the plan. But one and the same type of st...more


How to calculate stairs

When designing Straight stairs, Quarter Landing Stairs, or Half Landing Stairs we deal with straight flights and generally speaking it is not difficult to make a calculation of configuration, as we...more


Requirements for stairs

As we have already mentioned above a staircase constitutes an architectural element which primary purpose is to connect the levels located at different height. Climbing at any height is always conn...more