Stairs design

Stairs design ideas

In previous sections we discussed the issues related to fundamentals of stairs construction, to regulations and requirements imposed upon staircases, we discussed types, models, methods of staircase...more


Staircase entry step

  The entry step of the stairway is the first step we pay attention to when go upstairs, and the first step we start moving from. The entry step may be manufactured in a common fashion,...more



Newels serve two important purposes in the flights of stairs. First of all, newels function as load-bearing elements.  Newel posts serve as a bearing both inside and outside the flight of stai...more



Balusters fulfill a function of a protective barrier in the stair flight. They support the handrail, fill the space under it and make it safer to go upstairs. No other element in the stair flight c...more



The handrail of the stairs serves as support for your hand when you go up or down. The handrail also serves as an attaching point of the top part of balusters. At first view everything seems ver...more